This is my wishful thinking page: I’ve been in this business for more than 35 years [almost 40 now]; I’ve performed in literally hundreds of shows; I’ve worked with Broadway directors, and international directors, and homegrown directors, brilliant directors and dreadful directors. Now I would like someone to show an interest in my taking the reigns on a production. I have no expectation of what that might look like – it might be a small company, or a large company, a solo artist or a collective; it might be a musical or a drama or a comedy or a performance art piece; but I am game, and looking for an opportunity to step up… she said, smiling and imagining.

On the former iteration of this page you will have read the following:

Well, I’m here to tell you that wishful thinking…clear visualisation…manifesting destiny…can pay off.

In October 2019 I began rehearsals, as the director, for a production of Holiday Inn which opened in late November at the Shaw Festival, under the Artistic Direction of Tim Carroll. He took a chance on me. It led to a truly remarkable experience. Our show was a true collaboration between all the artists involved, and it was filled with heart, with sweat, with pain, and with triumph. If it is the only play I ever direct, I am grateful for all it gave me as an artist, and as a colleague of the most talented, dedicated, and generous theatre makers.


Learn about Kate's latest show "White Christmas" at The Shaw