read the Directors Note

Opening one’s heart can be difficult, especially in this day and age. There are so many reasons to keep tight, to keep closed, to keep safe: safe inside a construction of worldli- ness and cynicism. How do we challenge ourselves to think and be in a more simple way; a more heartfelt way? How do we challenge ourselves to look for the blue skies, to go for an old-fashioned walk, or to enjoy a happy holiday? These seem like guilty pleasures in a world that is plagued by anxiety and fear.

Holiday Inn is a respite. At this seasonal time of year where the darkness is at its most dark and the light, which will inevitably begin to grow, is still hiding just around the cor- ner, Holiday Inn has no neurotic reaction, no nastiness, no angst. This piece (originally the film) was an antidote to the Second World War. It provided reassurance for a society trying to return to, or to find anew, a sense of ease and comfort in the big, wild world that had suffered so much loss – so much collective pain – and was crippled by the fear of slipping back.

So, we – the cast, the crew, the whole creative team on Holiday Inn – send you this postcard from 1946 (seen through a decidedly 2019 lens): we open our hearts wide, we rely on each other, we collaborate, listen, agree to disagree, and through the strength of our collective spirit we bring you this play filled with love; where the worst thing that happens is misunder- standing; where we seek, and manage, to solve that misunderstanding. We lead you on a simple path of joy and pleasure. And we hope, with grace and good fortune, you might share that joy and pleasure with your loved ones this holiday season.