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What is it about winter that conjures feelings of love? Is it the fireside and sharing its warmth? Is it bundling up for a sleigh ride? Making snow angels? How about a rough and ready snowball fight with lots of screaming and laughter? Tobogganing? Hot cocoa, anyone? So many of our memories and associations with winter – I guess, because we live in Canada – centre around snow and cold, and then… what we do to get away from the snow and cold! And when we do get inside it’s not just the temperature that warms us up; it’s the people we surround ourselves with at this time of year.

White Christmas is a beautiful love story set around the winter holidays in Vermont. It’s not only a romantic story about the love that develops between two couples – there are many kinds of love in this play: the love that a group of soldiers has for their commanding officer; the love between two sisters; the love between a grandfather and his granddaughter; the love and devotion of comrades in arms; the love and camaraderie of “show folks;” love found later in life, when it’s least expected; the love of dance; the love of music… have I missed any? Oh yes! the love of SNOW! So, Irving Berlin knew what he was talking about when he wrote the song that inspired our story: it really is about love… and the weather.