Mother's Daughter

“…fascinating and bracing, with its bloody-minded parental ghost an especially pungent inversion of expectations…”

The New York Times

“Hennig has once again proven her ability to funnel contemporary conversations around gender, power, sexuality and politics into the lives of historical figures through vital, modern language.”

The Toronto Star

“Mother’s Daughter is bloody good.”

NOW Magazine

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Mother's Daughter

The Virgin Trial

The Last Wife

In this stunning third part to the Queenmaker Series, England’s first queen regnant find herself fighting xenophobia, religious nationalism, and strained familial bonds in the power struggle that dubs her Bloody Mary.

Upon the death of Edward VI, the princess Mary – daughter of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon – easily wrests the throne from Edward’s official heir. But Mary’s mother appears from the vaults of memory, and adamantly questions the motives of Mary’s cousin Jane and her half-sister Bess. Should Mary execute her opponents before it’s too late? Should she find a husband who can give her a rightful heir? And can she trust her mother, her sister, or even herself?

Publisher: Playwrights Canada Press, 2019
Script available upon request
Selected Production History: 
Stratford Festival (Stratford, ON); Soulpepper Theatre (Toronto, ON)